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DivorceDivorce/Family Law

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Other Practice Areas

  • Open House/In-House CouncilOut-House/In-House CounselOpen or Close

    The practice of hiring in-house counsel that serves out-house is becoming a routine trend and a cost effective measure in assuring that a business has proper legal representation on a day-to-day basis or as the need arises. Many times as companies grow they will experience certain growing pains, one of them being legal costs. However, many businesses see this as a sunk cost and rather than paying attention to these growing pains and do not address them until it has snowballed into a much bigger problem. The easiest way to avoid the substantial cost of future legal bills related to administrative or litigation matters is to regularly engage an attorney in your company’s day-to-day operations. Many times business owners believe this would be an absorbent cost, however, at Chioini Group we believe that having an attorney that is routinely consulted and assists in your operations is not an extraordinary expense. Ultimately, your return on investment will be high by keeping your company out of problems with assistance to see them before they occur.

    Unfortunately, many small to medium size businesses cannot budget the cost of hiring a full time “in-house” attorney. The recent trend is to utilize an offsite attorney, who is still considered your general counsel for all legal matters, who engage in routine legal administration for your company, but without the cost of a full-time position. Our office currently serves as general counsel for a variety of local businesses.

  • Local CounselLocal Counsel-LiaisonOpen or Close

    This office was originally founded to service the needs of large out-of-town firms and businesses with the need for local representation. We have found that it may be in the best interest of a client to opt for local representation. Many times juries and other parties to the litigation have a negative view of “outsiders” and prefer to deal with individuals they feel are from the same community. It is important for practitioners to know and understand this concept or they may ultimately be hurting their client in the long-run, even if their case might be considered a slam dunk.

    For years, Macomb County was seen on a national level as an impenetrable community for outside business and dealings. As a result of this perception, businesses have routinely engaged this office as a liaison for effective local representation. We believe that our history and reputation in this community and dedication to leadership, have presented us as an excellent candidate for local representation. Our office routinely engages in local and joint-counsel representation for matters in this County.

  • Personal InjuryPersonal InjuryOpen or Close

    Our attorneys have not only defended, but prosecuted numerous matters related to personal injury, including dog bites, on the job injuries, auto-accidents, wrongful death, and workplace sexual harassment.  We pride ourself on providing superior representation of our clients and we do not prescribe to providing bulk legal services. Instead we are a litigation office with considerable experience preparing and representing our clients in a variety of litigation.

    Many firms that handle personal injury matters on a bulk level play a difficult numbers game and may be gambling with the outcome of your case. The platform that many personal injury firms use is to represent as many clients as possible in hopes of getting a major settlement in a handful of those cases so that they can take their 1/3 contingency. Unlike these firms, we do not play this numbers game and can offer you respectful, courteous, and tailored representation similar to our retained clients. Since we are representing you on a direct and personal level, we can engage in more effective representation and create an individualized legal road map for you.

  • Commercial LitigationReal EstateOpen or Close

    At Chioini Group we have years of experience in assisting our clients with real estate matters. We offer a considerable degree of expertise in structuring and facilitating real property transfers whether it is by a traditional sale or via litigation. We encourage our clients to consult with us any time they are seeking to buy, sell, or transfer property as there many occasions where parties think they have everything resolved, when that is not the case. Often many times parties have a false sense of assurance because a realtor or broker is involved. However, we truly believe that there is only one party looking out for you and that is your attorney. In the last several years with banks being slow to assist in financing of new construction and land development, we have assisted our clients in alternative financing for their projects in creative ways.

  • Criminal & White Collar CrimesCriminal & White Collar CrimesOpen or Close

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  • Probate and EstatesProbate/EstatesOpen or Close

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  • Prenuptual/AntenuptualGeneral & Civil LitigationOpen or Close

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  • Asset ProtectionAsset ProtectionOpen or Close

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  • Child SupportBankruptcyOpen or Close

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  • Business FormationMediation/ArbitrationOpen or Close

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